Vital Principles B

Vital Principles – Session B: October 27(Fri), 8:15-9:45am



Trainers Title Description
1 Eng Kevin West, Elaine Mehn, Gypsi Town,

John Mehn

Walking in the Gospel: for Life and Ministry (Part 2 of 2) Learn the basics of Gospel Renewal, a core tenet of CPI ministry. This is the dynamics and engine for the Christian life and church ministry. Learn again the joy of Jesus and his work for you. The four sessions include: the gospel from start to finish, a new way to see God and self, Gospel identity and relationships, and Corporate Renewal. This “Gospel Track” uses our new English CPI manual introduced in 2013.

Lesson 1 – Kevin West

Lesson 2 – Elaine Mehn

Lesson 3 – Gypsi Town

Lesson 4 – John Mehn

2 Jpn Seima Aoyagi, & Makoto Fukuda Gospel Track
3 Eng Jay Greer & Seth Philip Making Disciples with the Un-Engaged in Japan This session will cover the theology and philosophy of disciple making starting with evangelism. We will explore the nature of evangelism and some ways to evangelize in Japan and create a culture of evangelism in your local church. Further, we will discuss ways to turn our new disciples into disciple makers.
4 Jpn Dan Iverson Leadership Development Japan needs more churches and more churches mean the need for more leaders. In this seminar participants will explore answers to key questions on leadership. What is church leadership? Who can lead? What are appropriate Biblical leadership styles for Japanese churches? What makes an exemplary Japanese church leader? How do we mobilize and develop more leadership for more new churches? Participants will be challenged regarding their own leadership, leadership perspective, and their commitment to developing leaders. Dan Iverson will speak out of his over 25 years of pastoring a multisite church.
5 Jpn Seita Sakaguchi A Worshiping Church We worship constantly. But we don’t always worship the right object. How can we as pastors and church leaders shape the culture of worship in the church toward the only right object of worship – the triune God of the Bible? We will explore several biblical principles that should guide our thinking and practice of worship. We will also discuss practical ideas for making our church’s worship more biblically sound, contextually appropriate, and experientially robust.
6 Eng Carlton Walker The Church on Her Knees


Jesus said that a defining characteristic of His Father’s house is that it is to be a “house of prayer” for all nations. Why did He say this? And, is my church that kind of place? Prayer is integral to all we are and do in the Lord. Awesome things happen when the church is on her knees because God’s power, grace and mercy is released in and through a praying fellowship. How can I develop a life of prayer? How can we birth a culture of prayer? How can my local body of Christ become a prayer saturated church? Get ready to be challenged and encouraged to pray without ceasing rather than ceasing without praying!
7 Jpn/


Joshua Harris The God of the Weak –

1 Kings 19

When we are tired and burned out from our labor how does God view us? Where do we find resolve to press ahead when we want to give up? Drawing from the story of Elijah’s lowest moment we will learn how God meets us in our weakness and how He’s still at work even when it’s not how we planned.
8 Eng Robert Greene The Most Under-appreciated Necessity: Resiliency in Ministry The dictionary defines “resilience” this way, “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.” We learn a lot of different things when we are preparing to go into ministry. However, one of the most necessary of traits that we must develop if we want to finish our race well, is resilience. In this session we’ll seek to talk through how the gospel cultivates resilient saints.


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