Vital Principles A

Vital Principles – Session A: October 26(Thur), 8:15-9:45am



Trainers Title Description
1 Eng Kevin West,

Elaine Mehn,

Gypsi Town,

John Mehn

Walking in the Gospel: for Life and Ministry (Part 1 of 2) Learn the basics of Gospel Renewal, a core tenet of CPI ministry. This is the dynamics and engine for the Christian life and church ministry. Learn again the joy of Jesus and his work for you. The four sessions include: the gospel from start to finish, a new way to see God and self, Gospel identity and relationships, and Corporate Renewal. This “Gospel Track” uses our new English CPI manual introduced in 2013.

Lesson 1 – Kevin West

Lesson 2 – Elaine Mehn

Lesson 3 – Gypsi Town

Lesson 4 – John Mehn

2 Jpn Seima Aoyagi,

Makoto Fukuda

Gospel Track
3 Jpn Tetsuya Dedachi Evangelism This seminar will investigate how you develop a church that has a high temperature and practice of evangelism. This seminar will explore many attractional models for evangelism (front-door) and also community based evangelism (side-door). The connection of church based evangelism that is both corporate and personal. How do we help develop an evangelizing church?
4 Eng Dan Iverson Leadership Development Japan needs more churches and more churches mean the need for more leaders. In this seminar participants will explore answers to key questions on leadership. What is church leadership? Who can lead? What are appropriate Biblical leadership styles for Japanese churches? What makes an exemplary Japanese church leader? How do we mobilize and develop more leadership for more new churches? Participants will be challenged regarding their own leadership, leadership perspective, and their commitment to developing leaders. Dan Iverson will speak out of his over 25 years of pastoring a multisite church.
5 Eng Seita Sakaguchi A Worshiping Church (In English. His session B on Oct.27th will be in Japanese)

We worship constantly. But we don’t always worship the right object. How can we as pastors and church leaders shape the culture of worship in the church toward the only right object of worship – the triune God of the Bible? We will explore several biblical principles that should guide our thinking and practice of worship. We will also discuss practical ideas for making our church’s worship more biblically sound, contextually appropriate, and experientially robust.

6 Jpn Akira Mori GOSPEL-FOUNDED PRAYER Scripture: Matthew 6:5-8
Why pray?
Attitude of heart
Gospel-foundation of prayer
Hopefully there will be time to pray in the end.
7 Jpn/


Joshua Harris Forgiven to Forgive –

Matthew 18:21-35

What hinders and often destroys churches is not a lack of skill in leadership or teaching but the conflict that stems from unforgiveness. If unforgiveness is a symptom of gospel amnesia then heeding Christ’s stern call to forgive as he has forgiven us is an urgent priority.
8 Eng Robert Greene What is Gospel-Centered Church Planting? Is this just one way among many ways to plant healthy churches? Is this just another model or fad that will fade away in the years to come, or are we after something that stands to bear lasting fruit? In this session we’ll seek to understanding what is generally meant when we say “gospel-centered” church planting and why it matters.


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