NOTICE: On Tue Oct 3rd at 10:30 we closed registration. There is no more room.

Conference flyer 2017 CPI National Conference EN

Please read this page before you Register.

If you you would like to go straight to the Registration page Click Here.

  • How much does it cost? Here is a simple cost package table. Please also check the details of cost and payment and cost calculation example.
  • Package Cost Pre-Conference Conference
    Dates 10/24-10/25 10/25-10/27 10/27-10/28
    Adult 14,000 32,000 12,000
    Jr/Sr High 13,000 25,000 11,000
    Pre/Grade School 9,000 17,000 8,000
    Baby under three 1,000 2,000 1,000
  • Children – Children attending the conference must be registered under their parents for their housing and meals. The Children’s Ministry Program Registration.
  • Couples – Both spouses must register separately for the conference. On each individual registration please list your spouse’s name. As CPI encourages healthy marriages, all married couples are automatically assigned to stay in the same room.
  • Special Accommodations – Please be sure to list in the comment box any medical dietary restrictions (including all food allergies) and special housing needs.
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN – Several countries are listed on the Registration Form. Passport holders from these countries are not required to obtain a Japan entry visa for the length of the conference. If your country is not listed, you must either be in Japan already or obtain a visa on your own before you register (CPI is unable help you obtain a one).



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