Testimony by Nakano Family

Rev. Takuya Nakano, his wife Chiho and their eldest son Tomoya spoke about Children’s Ministry program,  their experiences being revitalized and God’s amazing love. See their testimony.

Children’s Ministry Program

The program runs from 8 am to 9 pm for infants through elementary, from Pre-Conference (10/24-25) through the national conference (10/25-10/27) every day. It is free and bilingual (English and Japanese). During meal times children will eat with their parents.

Joshua Harris will speak

Joshua Harris will speak at the Pre-Conference and Main Conference in October, who was the lead pastor of a mega-church, and a bestselling author of Why Church Matters and Humble Orthodoxy.

Registration opens!

We began the registration for 2017 CPI National Conference.
Register with early payment discount by July 12.
Look forward to seeing you at Heritage Resort in Saitama.