Pre-conference sessions

Please select one of the following four training sessions. Each training session is a three-part track. To encourage all participants to benefit the most and to minimize disruptions for all, please stay with the same session for all three tracks.

Track 1 of 3:  Tuesday, 10/24@3-5 p.m.
Track 2 of 3:  Tuesday, 10/24@7-9 p.m.
Track 3 of 3:  Wednesday, 10/25@8:15 -9:45 a.m.

Pre-conference training sessions

Three training sessions are in English.

Themes Trainers Description
1 Philosophy of Ministry- How to Plant a Church Fit for your Community


Gary Watanabe Philosophy of Ministry is about how to plant a church that answers the following crucial questions:

1) Why does the church exist (Vision)?

2) What is the church to do in ministry (Purposes)?

3) What are the core convictions that fuel this church (Values)?

4) How is this church to do ministry (Styles)?

5) What are this church’s specific ministry plans (Mission, Strategies)?

2 What I Wished I’d Known Before Planting


Makoto Fukuda, Ryuta Kimura, Utako Grateley We have all had moments when we’ve started something, only to wonder what we’ve gotten ourselves into. During these sessions our church planters, and church planters wives, will talk about how their image of church planting changed and what they wished they had known beforehand. Each church planter operates from different financial model and is targeting a different section of the community – so come learn the easy way from those who learnt the hard way.

1. By Ryuta Kimura

2. By Utako Grateley, Michiru Fukuda

3. By Makoto Fukuda

3 Member Care: Church Planter’s Inner World


Alan Steier, Eliza Huie & Amy Newsome 1. Gospel Propelled Self-Care: Living Out Sustainable Sacrifice (By Alan Steier)
2. Gospel Propelled Relationships: Finding the Balance in Relationships both Here and in Your Home Country (By Amy Newsome)
3. Gospel Propelled Relationships: Caring for Your Marriage and Family in the Midst of Serving (By Eliza Huie)
4 Practical Tool for Effective Ministry:  Discovering & Applying Your Personal & Ministry Core Values



Ken Taylor As leaders or team members, discovering and applying our personal & ministry core values will help us towards effective ministry as we lead, shepherd, and participate in ministry.  In a field with too many opportunities or sometimes finding ourselves underutilized or needing a new direction, understanding our uniquely God-given core values can help us focus, be intentional, prioritize, and direct us in making good decisions. This session is for anyone – whether you are new to the field or have been here for over a decade and whatever position you are in. Join us as we introduce you to a simple, practical tool that will help you discover and apply your core values in a life time of effective ministry. It’s a tool for all!



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