October 26 (Thur), 2 – 3:30pm

Lang-uage Trainers Title Description
1 Eng Brent Rayl & Gary Watanabe The A to Zs’ about how to plant a church This is a session for those who don’t know much about church planting or who are just curious or interested to know more about how to plant a church. It will give an overview of what this would entail and how Joy of Japan Center (a newly established organization in Nagoya) hopes to train interested participants in how to plant a church in Japan.


Dawn Birkner & Martin Ghent Japan’s Remaining Unchurched Areas: Trending Topics and Case Studies in Rural Church Planting Join us to a) Learn about Adopt 800 Japan, encouraging adoption of Japan’s 800 largest unchurched areas

b) Hear Rural Church Planting case studies within and outside disaster zones

c) Glean insights from a panel discussion on:

1)  why plant churches in rural Japan; 2) types of rural situations suited to pioneer, cluster, branch, and daughter church planting; 3) going out and gathering in ; 4) the starting core problem; 5) the grave issue; 6) from stranger to contact to seeker to hidden Christian to bold leader; 7) denomination and rural Japan; 8) partnering; 9) to strengthen or plant?; 10) the elderly, population decline, and Business As Mission (BAM).

d) Discuss a topic in depth in topic-based subgroups.

Eng Dan Iverson Preaching in Japanese We all desire to have churches that preach Jesus and his gospel. This seminar will explore how to develop gospel-centered messages to evangelize Japanese and build Christ’s church. You will learn about sermon planning, preparation, and delivery of sermons in Japanese by non-native speakers.  Dan Iverson share many practical lessons out of his over 25 years of preaching in Japanese.
Eng David Cervenka & Caleb Eby Can it happen in Japan?


In different contexts, all over the world there are places where the gospel is growing at an exponential rate. Disciples and churches are multiplying to a point where the demographics of cities and regions are being changed. There are a variety of tools out there which pursue this result (T4T, Four Fields, etc.) – but the main point is to imitate scriptural principles seen in the Gospels and the book of Acts. The question is: Does God want to do this in Japan? Now? Can these principles work in this context?

In this seminar, we will look at examples of where there is fruit happening right now in Japan using these principles, what tools are being used, and what we are learning.

Eng Robert Greene Aren’t All Churches Gospel-Centered?


Ray Ortlund wrote, “the test of a gospel-­centered church is its doctrine on paper plus its culture in practice”. In this session we’ll explore what some of the distinguishing traits and priorities are with regards to gospel-centered churches.
Jpn Yoshia Hari Church Multiplication Networks The Church Multiplication Vision Festa was started in 2014 by people who desire to spread the joyous gospel to every corner of Japan and momentum toward church planting movements in Japan has been growing little by little. Through networking and brainstorming with those who desire to stimulate church multiplication movements throughout Japan, in the cities as well as in the rural areas, we would like to think and discuss how we can further church planting movements together.
Jpn Yoshito Noguchi SOMA, Missional Community:  Making disciples in everyday life through missional communities to saturate the gospel in every town and city We are part of one big vision:  Gospel Saturation is the hope that every man, women and child would have a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed. In this session, we will learn how our gospel identity calls us to be His body; the church. We will learn how to live out our gospel identity in everyday life through missional community so that the kingdom of God will break into our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and circles of interest to allow Gospel Saturation to take place.
8 Jpn John Houlette, Amy Newsome.


Soul Care for Ministry Leaders Ministry leader, how do you care for your own heart as you lead others? What do you do when you grow weary in your work as a minister of the Gospel? Are there ways to be strengthened in order to avoid getting to a place of burnout and exhaustion? This seminar will focus on the topic of soul care (sometimes called self care) specifically for men and women who serve. There will also be an opportunity for small group interaction for mutual encouragement in becoming stronger in our calling to serve.


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