2017 Conference Registration Closed

God has blessed with record numbers and this upcoming Japan CPI 2017 National Conference is the biggest ever! But the inn is full and we are unable to get any more in. Registration is closed. We are sorry that some will have to wait until we gather next time.

But Next Time is sooner than you think:
• In 2018 we have planned multiple regional equipping seminars (CPI is coming to you).
• And of course, Grace Week Intensive February 19-23 in Tokyo at Fukuin no Ie and then again May 7-11 (location to be determined).
• The next Church Multiplication Vision Festa (Japanese only) will be in Nagoya in the fall of 2018.
• The next CPI National Conference will be November 13-15, 2019.

Please mark your calendars. You can always check the event page at the CPI website: http://jcpi.net/events


CPI Leadership Team Chair

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